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Editorial Reviews. Review. " a broad-stroked, magnificent picture of a lavish India of the past and the present a vivid tale of suspense a gripping account of .
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This book seeks to help those who doubt or can no longer believe what they've been taught about Christianity that they don't have to abandon their faith. Kenneth Arthur challenges traditional thinking and helps the reader move beyond fundamentalism by thoughtfully reflecting on theological alternatives. His life has truly been a pilgrimage, a search for meaning and purpose that includes belief and behavior as well as belonging, so he proposes a constructive theology based on his own experiences and education in conjunction with the Bible, well known theologians, and other sources of revelation.

Discussion questions at the end of each chapter invite conversation and provide a helpful resource for small groups.

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  • Ashes for the Elephant God by Vijaya Schartz.
  • TOM PARKER BOWLES' mission is to carry Mark Shand's ashes across India by tuk-tuk!
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See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview This book seeks to help those who doubt or can no longer believe what they've been taught about Christianity that they don't have to abandon their faith.

Product Details Table of Contents. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Beginning and Ending a Pastorate. Changing pastors is a critical time in the life of a church, with opportunities for Changing pastors is a critical time in the life of a church, with opportunities for misunderstanding between the congregation and the incoming and outgoing pastors.

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The old-fashioned way, you might say, nearly 5, miles from rain-lashed England to soft-dusked Madhya Pradesh. Above, tuk-tuks line up at the start of a mile journey in India to remember Mark and raise more money for the beautiful creatures.

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The rest of us arrived via tuk-tuk, a mile voyage across India, starting in Khajarho, whose erotic temples, with their athletic depictions, gave us so much glee when I was there aged 18, back in , with Mark and my cousin Ben Elliott. This is how Mark wanted it to be: half his ashes scattered over The Laines, his idyllic childhood home in Sussex.

The other half, at his spiritual home, India. He would have adored the tuk-tuk bit too, a fundraising journey called Travels To My Elephant: 42 motor rickshaws, filled with folk from every walk of life. Professors and supermodels, hedge funders and artists, ex-coppers and accountants, actors, enthusiasts, estate agents, film makers, writers, cooks, art dealers and tycoons.

scattered my mother in laws ashes there - God's Window

All of us united by one man and one great beast. Writer, explorer, adventurer. Heroic smoker, magnificent swearer. Adored father, brother, uncle and friend. And passionate-to-the-point-of-obsession conservationist. He would do anything, anything, to fight for the future of his adored elephants. Elephant Family was his life, and it works tirelessly with local people and non-governmental organisations alike, striving to separate elephants suffering from catastrophic habitat loss from the hard-working folk whose lives and livelihoods are at risk from herds of rampaging, frightened, hungry pachyderms.

Every penny raised on Travels To My Elephant will go towards the setting up of safe elephant corridors, where these awesome beasts can roam free and unhindered, safe from guns, anger and an almost certain death. The only one missing was my mother, who is on a tour of Australasia with her husband, Prince Charles.

She worries about us in the rickshaws. Quite rightly. It has a top speed of 30 to 37mph, is not stable, has lousy brakes, a tiny petrol tank, almost no suspension and a tendency to topple over. Mark and an Asian elephant called Tara in the late eighties.

He wanted his ashes scattered both across The Laines in Sussex and in India. But soon our smug smiles are melting like kulfi in the midday sun. We are driving little more than a sardine can with a hairdryer engine, on some of the most frantic, chaotic and downright dangerous roads in the world. She had a point. Not just the tale of his family, on our way to bid that final, permanent adieu.

But every single racer, miles removed from their comfort zone, inspired by Mark, Tara and the elephants. Despite his gaping absence, it was so very him — the challenge, the Bombay Mix of people, the spirit of eccentric escapade. He loved India, far more than he ever did England. Here, he felt complete, satisfied, fundamentally at peace. This was his destiny, the place he was born to be, among the crowds and cacophony, where intoxicating madness and primal mysticism stained deep into the fabric of his life.

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  • Ashes for the Elephant God by Vijaya Schartz;

A small statue of Ganesha, roughly moulded from lead, sits at the front of our rickshaw. You will be pushed around, cut up, beeped at and disrespected by pretty much every other vehicle on the road. You try to climb the wall — you fall; you fetch a ladder — it is too short; but if you are patient a brick will loosen and then another. Once through, though, India embraces you.

Ruth Powys and Lexi Bowes Lyon after decorating one of the tuk-tuks with bright colours and illustrations. At the start of our journey we failed to scale that wall. It was often hard and frequently petrifying. Cars tend to sit quietly on open, clear stretches, then overtake on blind corners. Huge, diesel-belching monster trucks have no interest in the correct lane. These remains were both found in a suitcase in a parking lot of Walmart.

Clark and his staff poured the ashes of about 23 people into the water. Some of them had been homeless. Many were old and estranged from their families.

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Clark read a description of one of the deceased: "Song Hui Laschet. Died Oct. Sixty-two years old. Was a widower with no children. No living next of kin in the U.

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